Welcome to story:

Story is a burst of opportunities for us to explore the themes of our own life stories, and to ask those big questions about the story of the world we live in. Who’s the hero of the story? Will there be a happy ending? How do our stories fit together? How does faith shape the stories we tell? Everyone’s got a story — what’s yours?

You are warmly invited to join us as we look at the person of Jesus and explore how his story could provide meaning and hope to ours.

Although the Story fortnight has come to an end, the opportunities go on! Come along to our discussion group, look out for upcoming events, or catch up on any past ones on our Youtube channel.

Find the full details of all that’s going on here.


Story has been the start of a conversation, and we hope to continue it together!

We will be hosting an informal discussion group on Zoom over the rest of the term, where we’ll be digging a bit more into Jesus’ story and discussing it together. Whatever your background or perspective, you’re totally welcome to join us and share your questions, your thoughts, and your story.

You can indicate your interest in our Google form and we’ll get in touch to find a time that suits everyone!


All events are available to watch on YouTube, and you can find the specific links below:

29/1, 7:30-8:30pm
Did Darwin make atheism credible? WATCH
Songs that Say More - Story Special
Joe and Susie chat with one of our speakers, Pete, and one of our hosts, Ayanfe, who share songs that tell stories and what they mean to them.
The Luke Experiment & Podcast
Immerse yourself in the dramatised version of Luke’s first century biography of Jesus’ life, voiced by fellow students. Along with it is a reaction podcast, where fellow students from different backgrounds give their honest thoughts on the account they’ve heard.

Listen on YouTube, SoundCloud, or Spotify.
The Quest: the story of a Hindu priest’s spiritual discovery, and our pursuit of something more 7/2
Pete Dray speaks on our relentless search for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. What will bring us true happiness and meaning, and where can we go to find it?
  • Interview with Rahil Patel
  • Performance by Honor Abery

A Story for the Hurting: where is God in our anxiety and pain? 9/2
Rebecca McLaughlin speaks on the battle with mental health which so many of us face, and the question of what God has to do with it.
  • Student sharing by Anna Webb
  • Audience Q&A with Rebecca

Overcoming the Monster: the story of a Cambridge medic’s experience of grief, and confronting all that truly terrifies us 11/2
Pete Dray speaks about the evils we face in the world around us and how they can be overcome.
  • Interview with Toby Speirs
  • Performance by Sarah Hadden

A Story for Everyone: is faith oppressive or liberating? 13/2
Rebecca McLaughlin unpacks the fears that faith would hinder our identity and curtail our freedom.
  • Student sharing by Joanna Boxill
  • Audience Q&A with Rebecca

Tragedy: the story of a Rwandan genocide survivor, and when our obsessions spin out of control 15/2
Pete Dray speaks about how our desires can become obsessions that lead us on, only to betray us and cause tragedy.
  • Interview with William Ssempijja
  • Performance by Susie Dobson

A Story for the Sceptic: is it naïve to think you know God? 17/2
Rebecca McLaughlin speaks on the evidence for faith: do the truth-claims of Christianity stand up to scrutiny?
  • Student sharing by Luke Pike
  • Audience Q&A with Rebecca

Rebirth: the story of a violent criminal’s transformation, and the power of a second chance 19/2
Pete Dray invites us to reflect on the transformation that all of us need, and how that can happen within us.
  • Interview with Shane Taylor
  • Performances by Israel Shitta and Dorothy Burrowes

And beyond!
Join our discussion group
We’ll be running an informal discussion group on Zoom where we’ll look at the Bible together and have space for you to ask any and all of your questions about the Christian faith, God, Jesus, and what this all means. Arranged at a time that suits you! Find out more.
3/3, 8:00pm
Is Christianity more than a story?
Is Christianity just another ancient fairytale? Is there any evidence that it could be true? How has the story of Jesus transformed the stories of other Cambridge students? Join us as we hear from Graham Daniels and a Cambridge student, as well as an opportunity for live Q&A!

Date TBC
Isn’t my faith just a product of my upbringing story?
More details to come.

We’d love you to be able to continue the conversations started during Story!

Enjoying Story? The Cambridge Christian Union organises lots of events like this throughout the year, every year, and we warmly welcome you to come along! Be sure to find us on Facebook or Instagram to hear about what’s coming up, or check out our website!