Main Speakers
Peter Dray

Peter Dray lives in Leeds with his wife and sons. He works for UCCF, the British university Christian Union movement and is passionate about showing how the Christian story makes sense of and meshes with our own life stories. He loves cooking, exploring the Yorkshire countryside and is working towards an encyclopaedic knowledge of Olympic sport.

Rebecca McLaughlin

Dr. Rebecca McLaughlin holds a Ph.D. in English Literature from Cambridge and is author of Confronting Christianity: 12 Hard Questions for the World's Largest Religion, which was named 2020 Book of the Year by Christianity Today and featured on the TED Talks Summer Reading List.

Rahil Patel

As a Hindu priest Rahil Patel was a renowned international speaker whose spiritual counsel was received by politicians, industrialists and celebrities. His life changed dramatically after encountering the love of Jesus, and he is now involved in church ministries.

Toby Speirs

Toby is a third year medic at Queens’, though currently studying from his family home in Somerset. Beyond his studies, he is a keen runner and occasional cyclist, making full use of the surrounding Mendip hills.

William Ssempijja

William Ssempijja was born in Rwanda but raised in Uganda by well wishers after fleeing his country of origin in 1994 at the age of 7. He’s witnessed God’s mighty hand in his life: using him as a vessel to transmit his gospel to many people in various places locally and internationally.

Shane Taylor

Classified as one of the most dangerous prisoners in the UK, Shane Taylor went on a 17-year rampage of attempted murder, theft and drugs until a dramatic encounter forced him to search his soul. Shane’s book and documentary DVD are available for free at our bookstall, thanks to his generosity.

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Organising Committee
Tabby - Chair

Tabby is a third year Theologian. The things that bring her the most joy in life (other than her faith) are cups of tea with friends, walks with dogs and restful weekends.

Dan - Co-ordinator

Dan is an engineer, but the kind that thinks that dirt and sewers are more exciting than spaceships and smartphones.

Josh - Secretary

Josh is a third year mathmo who is (probably) better than you at Mario Kart.

Tim - Treasurer

Tim is a third year mathmo from Newcastle who supports the nationalisation of Greggs.

Jacob - Prayer/College Guests

Jacob studies History and Politics at Pembroke. Since lockdown, he’s picked up adventurous hobbies such as walking, baking bread and vegetating.

Tash - Publicity

Tash is a third year English student at Girton. She lives with her family and her pug Suki, and can’t wait to return to feeling nostalgic in indie coffee shops with friends over a flat white.

Carrie - Hospitality

Carrie is an economist from Singapore, and happens to be one of those annoying Cam students who doesn’t own a bike.

Susie - Auxiliary

Susie graduated from Catz in summer, and is currently a Relay worker with UCCF. She loves to write and share songs, and can’t wait until live music is allowed again!

Richard - Tech

Richard is a keen cyclist, mad engineer and proud Yorkshireman.

Alex - Tech

Alex is a third year mathmo at Clare. He’s excited to be organising the tech side of Story this year!

We are all part of the Cambridge Christian Union, a group of students who love Jesus and want everyone in Cambridge to have the chance to find out for themselves who he is and what he’s done for us. We’re so glad you’re here! We’d love to hear from you and be connected if you’d like to find out more.