There are so many ways that we’d love you to get involved! A summary of all that’s going on is in our Story Book which you can download and save. But here are some things we can start with now!

Social media publicity: Let’s do it together!

At 5pm on MONDAY 1st February, there’ll be a big CU-wide push for publicity. This means that, on Monday late afternoon, Cambridge’s Facebook is gonna be flooded with the STORY logo, and info about the various events! Why not put something in your calendar for 4:50pm on Monday, so you can coordinate your clicking/sharing with everyone else?

Our Facebook page (@storycambridge) will be officially launched!!

Wait till 4:50pm to drop it a like! (If you liked last year’s page, you’ll see that you’ve already liked it – we changed the name from LIFE to STORY)

Facebook Events will go live
Make sure you click ‘Going’ on all the events you can attend, and ‘Interested’ on the ones you can’t – this will help the event pages to gain traction on Facebook, and spread far + wide.
Facebook Profile Pics and Cover Pics will change
We’ve cooked up a tasty Facebook Profile Picture Filter and a beautiful cover photo which has the STORY logo and dates! Use this opportunity to share something of your own Story, the impact Jesus makes on your life, and invite your friends to STORY. Giving people a link to the website ( is one of the best ways of sharing about what's going on!

STORY's Instagram presence will be found at @storycambridge – so drop it a follow! And share the creativity!

There are also pretty cover photos, digital flyers, and videos that you can share with your friends! Check them out here.

Prayer: the driving force behind all we do
Prayer meetings:
  • Sat 6 Feb – an afternoon of prayer and fasting.
  • Morning prayer meetings (8:15-9:00) on the days of events (central: 11th, 15th, 19th; college: 9th, 17th)
  • Also, we'd love to be praying with our college groups and among friends!

Prayer letter: Email to receive one with some prayer points, if you haven’t already.

Calendar Flyer
Physical gifts for you and your friends
Order your Story face masks, postcards and more here: